One with Earth

今年夏天,加拿大本土艺术家Norah Borden将联手UrtheCast,在Science World British Columbia为加拿大观众们送上一场独特的画展。UrtheCast是一家位于加拿大,通过国际空间站安装的摄像头,实现在网络上高清实时直播地球画面的公司,目前正越来越受到世界各地人们的关注。而Norah毕业于安大略艺术设计学院( OCAD University),曾在加拿大和全世界各地举办过画展,是颇具盛名的本土艺术家。作品被众多的机构和私人收藏,世界著名的钻石珠宝品牌De Beers也收藏有Norah的画作。此次双方合作,必将为广大艺术爱好者送上一场别开生面的视觉盛宴。

In a world divided, one artist paints a new vision where opposites not only attract, they align. Canadian artist Norah Borden showcases her large-scale Planet Earth collection while UrtheCast will simultaneously reveal its own universal wonders, with first ever ultra-HD video streaming straight from space.

Borden reinvents an age-old painting technique called sfumato, the same Leonardo da Vinci used to give Mona Lisa’s eyes their lifelike glow. She applies hundreds of layers of paint on top of each other (giving each work an astounding four inch thickness), which creates an optical illusion — a luminosity — that tricks the eye into seeing different perspectives. To the mining firms and jewelers (like De Beers) that collect her works, some of her canvases resemble carnelian crystals, lapis lazuli or marble. To a star gazer, it’s like looking through the clouds and seeing earth’s immense masses of land and sea.