April 25-28, 2019

Grand Quay, Port of Montreal
200 de la Commune St W
Montreal, QC H2Y 2B2

Exhibiting new works with the Monica Reyes Gallery (Booth D-06) at the Papier Contemporary Art Fair in Montreal.

In an era of the extraordinary, with the rapid expansion of technology, connectivity, coupled with individualism, anything is possible. The cascading effects of change are happening at striking speeds. Within this landscape, the boundaries are blurring, and a new paradigm is emerging. By exploring themes of excessiveness and permeated boundaries, this series probes the medium as an extension of ourselves in an accelerated society.

Informed by colour fields, Borden sculpts acrylic skins to become objects within a space, blurring the lines of where painting stops and sculpture begins. Through a formal relationship dealing with colour and form, the viewer is invited to experience a suspended moment in time. Materiality is a key component by re-framing meaning through aesthetic juxtapositions.

With the investigation into the elasticity of boundaries in terms of expansion and contraction, layered relationships of tension and influx are uncovered. It is through this complexity where one can find parallels to understanding the self and the world around us to better understand the space we occupy.

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