“Never before has humanity had so much accessibility and connectivity in their lives. It’s this tech infrastructure that takes us into a new cyber reality.”

N O R A H   B O R D E N

With the rapid growth of cyber technology, corporate companies can expand at a rate not ever seen before. With that comes the risk of cyberattacks—the main types of network attacks are confidentiality, availability, and integrity. The cyber balance of power is being reshaped by the proliferation and commodification of cyber offensive capabilities. Both nation-states and non-state actors with significant capabilities are evolving the cyber threat landscape. There are unprecedented espionage and surveillance capabilities, and there’s a significant vulnerability to our civil infrastructure.

It is because of this threat that I have developed the Cyberflux series. This series documents actual attacks shown on the Norsenet Intelligence platform.

There’s a blurring of the digital landscape through the layering of colour fields and live video of cyberattacks. Through a formal relationship dealing with video and form, the viewer is invited to experience a cyber moment in time.